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Seal Coating, Crack Fill, Parking Lot Striping, and Stenciling in Bethesda MD

With more than five decades of combined experience in asphalt in the DC Metro area, Veirs Enterprises knows how important it is to keep your property looking top notch. No matter the size or scope of the job, they do it right the first time, every time.

Our Services

The high quality work of Veirs Enterprises is something that is a constant in our day to day. Whether it is one of our specialties or a custom job, we will make it happen for you.

seal coating

Seal Coating

The application of a seal coat on top of your asphalt does not actually seal it. Seal coating is cosmetic process that restores the fresh look to your worn down asphalt.

Crack Fill

Dry, clean, and fill the cracks in your asphalt, helping it last longer. This protects the asphalt by not allowing water to seep into the sub terrain. In many cases, this postpones the need to spend extra money on paving.

striping and stenciling

Striping & Stenciling

Curb, parking spaces, accessible parking, speed bumps, hash outs, cross walks, and anything else that could be painted in a parking lot. 

thermoplastic tape

Thermoplastic Tape

Sheets of this thin reflective plastic can be cut and used to make parking spaces, cross walks, and hash outs, etc. They are then laid down in place and warmed with a propane torch. 

Our Recent Projects

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